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Your Cooking Station

Unmatched Competition

PECOS tables are your portable workstation for what you love the most. Unmatched in the market with quick assembly, bombproof materials, and our PECOS Satisfaction Guarantee, this table is badass.

Personalize Your Experience

With our Trigger Clip System, we offer a series of attachments which snap into place (no tools or screws) anywhere along the perimeter of the table allowing you make it your own.

Standtall design

While most portable tables are designed too low for comfortable use, we went all the way to grill height (34" tall) to allow you to work for extended periods of time without the back strain caused by a table that is built too short.

Lock n' load

Our patented, quarter turn leg locking system makes it easy and quick for you to assemble and dissemble your workstation.

adjustable legs with orbital feet

Each table leg adjusts to uneven terrain (up to 1-1/2 inches) and features a patented orbital foot for maximum stability