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Our Story

Why we started, how we do it, what we do.

BUILT TO Enhance the outdoors

PECOS was born out of necessity. Our founder Rick landed in the dog house after suggesting he could fillet fish on his wife's backyard table (he ended up cut them up on top of a cooler). Rick started looking for an outdoor table he was sure existed. The tables that were available were weak and not very portable. When Rick couldn't find what he was looking for he started designing a first of its kind product in his garage.


Rick drew hundreds of sketches and prototyped countless tables, putting them through real world stress tests on his weekend endeavors.

Six years and three patents later, PECOS was born. Today, PECOS keeps up with the most experienced outdoorsmen. Whether it is hunting White Tail in South Texas, shooting ducks in Arkansas, fishing in the Gulf of Mexico or barbecuing on your patio for the big game, PECOS is built to work. Hear him tell his story.

Make Amazing Gear

Matt, our CEO, knows amazing product. He was a Navy SEAL for 20+ years and great gear has saved his life. His love of excellent products and his desire to lead a great team led him to PECOS. He brings his passion and fight to work every day.

At PECOS we want you spending time outside with your team - your family and friends. Our goal is for people to gather together around tables... to go on adventures, tell stories, eat great food, and create fantastic memories. Those experiences keep us healthy and make our us stronger. Grab a PECOS, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!