The Ultimate Outdoor Table

Built Without Compromise.

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Born out of necessity.
Built without compromise.

Quarter-turn, Quick-locking legs on this outdoor table

Set up and tear down in seconds.

Outdoor Table with High-Strength Legs

1.75” Aluminum legs built to hold 3,500 pounds.


Outdoor table with a Non-slip handle for easy portability.

Non-slip surface outdoor table

Keep your outdoor table Stay sturdy and stable on any surface.

Outdoor table with Rubber Stoppers

Bottom grips for non-slip storage.

Outdoor table with Extendable Legs

Each leg extends 1-1/2". You are prepared for your environment.

Orbital Feet on an outdoor table

Always find even footing on uneven terrain.

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Made Right.
Right Here.

At Pecos, it’s about more than producing the highest quality products. It’s about creating jobs and supporting hard working Americans. That’s why our products are made right here in America. The right way.

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Come to the Table

Harvest. Prep. Make. Enjoy.

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Stories from the PECOS Family

"I Didn't know I needed it, until I had it! THank you PECOS."

Matthew McConaughey

"When it comes time for me to need to utilize a table, I've got a product that I can pull out and it's got all the features that I need."

Parke Greeson

"This is as sturdy and strong of a table you’re going to find. The attachments are necessary for my knives, drinks, and gear. The Blood River helps keep the surface clean while I'm cleaning fish - I think that’s pretty important."

Carter Andrews

"It's actually more than just a portable table. It's indestructable."

Jake Massengale

"Everything that’s in your pack or coming with you has to be durable. It’s been nice having the Pecos table at camp. Having stuff up off the ground has been a game-changer out here. It’s part of the team now."

Stephen West

"When you start working on it and start feeling it - that’s when it really comes to life. Our gear has gotta be heavy duty, it’s gotta last. We function with this table."

Mark Black

"I have no doubt that this will be something that I'll have for a long, long, long, long time."

Ben Bacher
Matthew McConaughey
Parke Greeson
Carter Andrews
Jake Massengale
Stephen West
Mark Black
Ben Bacher

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